Monday, December 10, 2007

if you've never had a day a snowcone couldn't fix

the final meals of texas prisoners executed between 1982 and 2003
Beavers    Richard    916    04/04/1994    Six pieces of french toast with syrup, jelly, butter, six barbecued spare ribs, six pieces of well burned bacon, four scrambled eggs, five well cooked sausage patties, french fries with catsup, three slices of cheese, two pieces of yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing, and four cartons of milk
Clark David 874 02/28/1992 Told officials he wanted to fast
Baltazar   John    999257     01/15/2003     Cool Whip and cherries
Harris   Danny   649   07/30/1993   God's saving grace, love, truth, peace and freedom
Mitchell Gerald 838 10/22/2001 1 bag of assorted Jolly Ranchers
Madden   Robert   822   05/28/1997   Asked that final meal be provided to a homeless person
Teague, Jr.    Delbert    849    09/09/1998    None. Last minute he decided to eat a hamburger at his Mother's request.
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