Tuesday, January 29, 2008

this condiment is made from mustard seeds

"Courses? Poppycock! We only serve experiences."

"...Shortly after the GREY POUPON company was born, a group of enthusiasts came to believe that mustard, no mere condiment, actually had the power to elevate a meal (and even a whole splendid occasion) to something transcendent.

"Mad!" they were deemed. "Charlatans!" they were called. "Balderdash!" people yelled. Only this was in France, so they used different words. Probably French ones.

They took a vow of secrecy and began subversively demonstrating mustard's correct use—and the joy it can bring—by using it at social gatherings for the world's truly wealthy and sophisticated. They formed The Elite Mustard Cabinet."

even the makers of grey poupon like to poke fun at how pretentious it is.

[grey poupon website]

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