Monday, February 25, 2008



Jay said...

I'm glad this video at least touched on the sick irony of the show, that it is an exploitation by MTV of a generation that MTV played a large role in creating. It's not just simply disgusting, though; not enough people are talking about the acute cognitive dissonance it produces in what I imagine to be its viewer base. It's easy to mock these girls, yes, but isn't there some voyeuristic fantasizing on the part of the audience? As though laughing at the show is a defense mechanism against realizing that, deep down, you are addicted to it because you covet the lifestyle it portrays?

katie t. said...

When I have seen the show in the past, I've noticed that it's painful to watch, but it's hard to look away because you want to see just how bad it is. Then, when it's over, it's like there's something missing, nobody ever learns their lesson and despite having complained the whole time they still brag at the end of the show about how great it is. But I guess the target audience of the show, as you said, desires the lifestyle portrayed by the kids on it. There's even extended content online where you can just go and watch the kids talk about how much of their parents' money they've wasted. There is so much ranting to be done about this, hah