Wednesday, March 19, 2008

it's okay that i'm overwhelmed

"The time we experience bears little relation to time as read on a clock. The brain creates its own time, and it is this inner time, not clock time, that guides our actions. In the space of an hour, we can accomplish a great deal — or very little.

Inner time is linked to activity. When we do nothing, and nothing happens around us, we’re unable to track time. In 1962, Michel Siffre, a French geologist, confined himself in a dark cave and discovered that he lost his sense of time. Emerging after what he had calculated were 45 days, he was startled to find that a full 61 days had elapsed.

To measure time, the brain uses circuits that are designed to monitor physical movement. (…) Inner time can run faster or slower depending upon how we move our bodies — as any Tai Chi master knows. (…)

The brain’s inclination to distort time is one reason we so often feel we have too little of it. One in three Americans feels rushed all the time, according to one survey. Even the cleverest use of time-management techniques is powerless to augment the sum of minutes in our life (some 52 million, optimistically assuming a life expectancy of 100 years), so we squeeze as much as we can into each one.

Believing time is money to lose, we perceive our shortage of time as stressful. Thus, our fight-or-flight instinct is engaged, and the regions of the brain we use to calmly and sensibly plan our time get switched off. We become fidgety, erratic and rash. Tasks take longer. We make mistakes. (…)

Studies have shown the alarming extent of the problem: office workers are no longer able to stay focused on one specific task for more than about three minutes, which means a great loss of productivity."

title: BARR lyrics
image: Jack Falanga


Anonymous said...

FYI: That is not a piece by Felix Gonzalez-Torres. That is an art piece by Jack Falanga. . It is a piece modeled after a famous Felix Gonzalez-Torres Piece: "Untitled" (Perfect Lovers).

katie t. said...

why, thank you for the correction. edited!