Friday, October 17, 2008

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19. In 2009, the president and Congress will ride tandem on a new version of the federal transportation bill. If you ride a bike (or would, if there were a damn bike lane where you needed to go), this could mean a serious expansion of your ability to get around. As it stands, Obama has pledged to increase bike funding if elected president. McCain, meanwhile, hasn’t rolled out any commitments on the issue.
82. This is the one opportunity we have to let the world know that the people of the United States reject the direction we’ve been following for almost a decade now.
101. 20 percent of NYU students polled recently said they’d give up their right to vote in 2008 for an iPod Touch. A fucking iPod Touch.
108. Unless you are a white landowning male Protestant, there was a time in our history when you would have been thrown out of the polling facility without a second thought.
112. Great Britain is still looking for evidence that our little experiment didn’t work out. Don’t help them along.
176. There are 6.46 billion human beings who aren’t eligible to vote in this election, but who will have to live with the results.

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