Wednesday, March 31, 2010

actually why don't you just stay home and watch the history channel

Reporting from San Francisco - The University of California on Tuesday began considering dramatic changes in the way it educates its students and raises revenue, including whether to offer three-year bachelor's degrees and enroll more out-of-state undergraduates.

UC's Commission on the Future heard its first set of proposals aimed at making the 10-campus system more efficient while preserving its academic strengths. Some ideas are sure to be controversial as they are discussed over the next few months, officials said.

"Some recommendations you may like a lot. Some you may think are terrible. But that's OK. They are important ideas to put forward," UC Regents Chairman Russell S. Gould said at the commission's meeting at UC San Francisco.

Proposals from the commission's five subcommittees include: encouraging some students to complete bachelor's degrees in three years through extra summer sessions and fewer requirements; doubling the number of out-of-state students, who now make up 5% of undergraduates and pay significantly higher fees; charging more for the most popular campuses, including UC Berkeley and UCLA; and expanding online course offerings.

LA Times | UC panel proposes three-year bachelor's degrees, other big changes

Problem: Fees are too high at the University of California for all students to afford an education there. Executive bonuses and construction projects continue to rise, as workers and staff are laid off.
Solution: Encourage students to take on a heavier course load and rush through school, ditch the classrooms and put classes online, reject more Californian students from the UC applicant pool.

Something's not right here.

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