Tuesday, October 21, 2008

...hunting is one of the few areas of life where the experience of modern man is still in tune with our ancient ancestors

There’s a new type of digital camouflage specifically designed to fool deer’s vision. Called Optifade, it’s being unveiled today by W.L. Gore, the inventor of Gore-Tex. (…)

the new digital camouflage consists of a micropattern made up of tiny squares that are supposed to match the overall texture of the landscape — the “spatial frequency” or “busyness” of the forest or scrubland as seen through the deer’s eyes. It also has a macropattern of large geometric shapes that are supposed to break up the outline of the body so that even if a deer sees a hunter moving, it doesn’t register in the deer’s brain as a human shape.

Can You See Me Now?

Do hunters really need any more technological advantages over the deer then they already have? To call deer hunting a “sport” is absurd; considering all the hardware available to hunters, the deer never stand a chance. Unless you’re hunting with nothing but a bow and some simple hunting clothes, you are engaging in the ritualistic slaughter of animals, not anything resembling a competition of the man vs. nature variety.



pual said...

like playing with a game shark :[

Jay said...

a deer breaking into a dormitory building happened twice at my school!