Monday, July 20, 2009

All generalizations are false, including this one

A west coast VC is visiting an east coast friend in the Hamptons for the weekend. He drives by a farmer with a horse and offers him $1,000 for the horse. The farmer accepts and agrees to transport the horse to the VC out west. After a few days, the farmer calls the VC and says the horse has died but he can’t refund the money because he’s already spent it. The VC says: “Don’t worry. Deliver me the dead horse.” The farmer, shocked and confused, complies.

A week later the farmer calls the VC, feeling terrible about the money and curious what the VC could possibly do with a dead horse. The VC explains: “Don’t worry. I made $19,990 off your horse.” The farmer stunned asked, “How?!” The VC said, “I advertised a lottery for a horse. At $10 a ticket, I sold 2,000 tickets.” The farmer incredulous demanded, “But wasn’t the winner furious he won a dead horse?” The VC smiled, “Yep—and I gave him back his $10.”
Forbes | Weekly Insider

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