Friday, August 07, 2009

giveaways: any interest?

Here is an idea for another type of content to add to the blog: giveaways. I have lots of books and music, and media mail is pretty cheap. Readers, what would you think if I chose a book or made a mix CD every once in a while and gave it away? Whoever wants it leaves a comment in the allotted time and then I consult a random number generator to decide which commenter gets the item. I send it to you for free and if I know you I will just hand the item to you. Due to cost of postage, recipients would probably have to be within the US, unless you are savvy to Paypal me some shipping money.

Let me know if you would be interested in this idea (free stuff, who wouldn't be?)
Or: tell me any ideas for other stuff to give away. (drawings?)


Vivian said...

this is a cute idea!

giving away a drawing gives me an idea:

Ask commenters to list three things (of a certain theme, of your choosing?), and you draw whatever with those three things--so it's more personal!

katie t. said...

Ohh yeah, that drawing request is a really good idea because people can tell me to draw stuff and then I can post it on smuggery, that involves no mailing and everyone can see!

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